mythicvictory (mythicvictory) wrote,

On my parents anniversary

Come on, Momma.

I try to remember to tell how pretty you look every time I see you,
Since Daddy isn’t here to say it every morning like he used to.

You look elegant, dressed in stylish black,
not too much color for you these days.

We’re here for our ritual visit of the week,
Your joy in the kids the only smile I see anymore,
Even though it never really reaches your eyes.

So brave and valiant,
Standing tall, heart in tatters
Fragile little lady,
now that half your soul is gone.

You cook too much, and fuss about matters
Large and small.
You cling to the things in this world
With fierce disinterest, trying to make the fabric whole.

I know that my family isn’t enough to fill
The hole were your heart once was
You speak of Daddy in the present tense
‘cause you still talk to him every day.

So come on, Mamma, we need to go to the store
And make sure there’s enough potatoes for the fries you insist on
Making from scratch for your grandkids.

Let’s meet next week at the mall when you’re in town
And you can help me choose baby shoes for Easter,
We’ll have lunch and I’ll tell stories to make you laugh.
You’ll pretend when you should for my sake,
Birthdays, holidays, Mothers Day bittersweet.

I love the woman you try to be still,
Cause I know it’s for my sake you try at all.

Come on, Mamma, stay with me just a little longer,
Until seeing your pain hurts more than never seeing you again,
Before you fly back to your other half,
Your true joy, calling to you every moment,
Yearning for reunion.

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